Rich experience in OEM/ODM service

Over 1700 enterprises of 121 countries have greatly improved their brand reputation through cooperation with NECERO.

● With rich industry experience, world-leading manufacturing equipment and rapid production and delivery capabilities, Necero helps customers to become more competitive than other companies with its business strategy of lower price, better quality and more beautiful appearance.

● All the customers who work with NECERO have become long-term business partners.


Client Benjamin said:

10 years ago, I had to go to China almost every year to develop new suppliers. Frequent quality accidents and inconsistent packaging made our products look very weak, and have no any advantages and bright spots to compete in domestic market.

After getting to know NECERO, I found that NECERO provides OEM service for many world-famous optical communication enterprises. What’s more, NECERO could provide a full range of products, you could be told that the quality and workmanship are very good by naked eye. So i persuaded all my shareholders to hand over all our optical communication products to NECERO for production. So great that NECERO helped us to redesign and unified the packaging, provided a lot of high-quality production scene materials for our official website, and were able to respond quickly to our request in project bidding.Over the years, our company has gained customer&apos's recognition gradually. Some important projects used to be the share of big brands from Japan, Europe and America, are now gradually replaced by our company. The last two years, our business has even expanded to neighboring countries.  

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